The Loop 1006 NFT

It is true that the best investment on Earth is Earth! But, they say that investing in real estate is only for the rich.

Now, thanks to Blockchain Technology that enables efficient, immutable, transparent and secured Tokenization, everyone could start investing in real estate with as little as Php10,000.

Partake in the Ethereum Blockchain Tokenization of a condominium unit beside the mall at the heart of the Central Business District of the vibrant City of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

What’s in it for you?

  1. 1. Enjoy the value appreciation over time of this piece of real estate of which tokenization allows for it’s extreme liquidity. You don’t need to sell the actual condominium unit to liquidate your asset becasue it is as easy as selling your tokens.

  2. 2. Enjoy pro-rata rental income based on your token holdings from this property without the hassle of actually maintaining the property yourself as long as you hold your tokens.

  3. 3. Value does not always mean money but it can also mean pleasure for many people. You may even liquidate your tokens by enjoying staycations for you and your family in this beautiful condominium unit.

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