Climate change is real and you can do something about it!

All proceeds of this NFT goes to the manufacturing of more environment friendly Francisco Jeepneys (est 1947) powered by either Euro 5 compliant diesel/biodiesel or Full Electric drivetrain fast-charged with renewable energy in the Philippines to replace 250,000 old pollutant fossil fuel powered jeepneys.

Jeepney is the main mode of feeder mass transportation in the Philippines of which 80 million Filipinos ride the jeepney daily going to work, school, tourism facilities, government agencies, etc. Even during the pandemic, healthcare workers and frontliners ride the jeepney everyday.

Imagine the carbon footprint from 250,000 smoke belching jeepneys that you could help replace simply by buying this NFT and also the social impact that you could produce by helping hundreds of thousands of small jeepney operators and drivers retain their main means of livelihood to sustain their families while the commuting public would have access to a safer and convenient public transportation with PWD access.

Let this NFT be your badge of honor that you actually took action to save your environment for your children, grandchildren and future generations! Since EFI Coin NFT is in the immutable Ethereum blockchain network, it will live forever and the future generations will know what you did for them today. They will forever be grateful as we are now!


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